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Workshop and Presentation Descriptions


"The Taylor Style" 

A look at the pipes of the Taylor Brothers and a number of their imitators. 

The Taylors introduced designs and manufacturing methods which inspired at least a dozen other American and Irish pipemakers, starting from the 1890s and continuing to this day. The presentation will involve hundreds of photographs of instruments by the Taylors and by their imitators, and we also expect to have several authentic Taylor sets on hand for illustration and examination.


"Pipers in Show Business 1870-1930"

A look at the kinds of show business gigs available to uilleann pipers during Patrick J. Touhey's lifetime.  Stage plays, vaudeville, hibernicons, dime museums, motion pictures, etc.  With as many images as I can muster, and a few surprises thrown in.

"Touhey: An In-Depth Listen"

Join Sean for this critical listening class, and learn to identify the unique characteristics of Patsy Touhey's playing. Students can expect a breakdown of Touhey's classic recordings, including an in-depth examination and discussion on what makes Touhey a timeless source of inspiration for us all. Not only will the class focus on recognizing the subtleties of his playing, but also how to incorporate them into your own.


"Patsy Touhey – His Music and Mystique"

Barry will talk about how he earned his living as a piper, how that occupation influenced his style, and how he influenced piping in the U.S. His skits, songs, and melodramas spoke to the situation of Irish immigrants in America. A final topic is why he has so many fans


"Of Uilleann Pipers & Pipes in the City of Chicago 1900 - 2000"

This presentation will be a journey back through the 20th Century focusing on the personal history of some of the pipers and their pipes in Chicago over the past 100 years.


"The Dunn Collection and the story of O'Neills Cylinders"

The story behind the Dunn cylinders and thier family connection to the early Chicago pipers and Patsy Touhey.

"Touhey's Tradition"

In this workshop, we will review some of the pipers that have been heavily influenced by Patsy Touhey and consider how we might similarly take inspiration from his playing.


"Techniques of Touhey"

This workshop will provide an in-depth analysis of several core ornamentations found throughout the playing of Patsy Touhey with particular focus placed on when and where they can be found within several of Touhey’s recordings. The aim of the class is to better understand how these iconic ornaments are played, and how they can be incorporated into a wide variety of dance tunes.  Strapping on the bellows is encouraged, but not required!

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